Deadline by day – dancing by night?!

by Wöhlk

Wöhlk Contactlinsen are proud to present a new image campaign and a fresh corporate
design at opti 2017.

Schönkirchen/Munich, 28 January 2017 – doc by day | diva by night, baker by day | biker
by night - Wöhlk has a new campaign and is presenting it for the first time at opti 2017 in
Munich. Under the three slogans, and in a pleasant and entertaining manner, the contact
lens developer demonstrates how flexible and independent you can be by wearing both
glasses AND contact lenses. “We want to encourage glasses wearers to wear more contact
lenses, and we want to draw attention to those instances where contact lenses have clear
advantages over glasses, such as sport or going out”, head of marketing Stefan Haase exp-
lains as the campaign idea. “Contact lenses give those who wear them a form of personal
freedom – everyone can decide for themselves when they want to wear glasses or contact
lenses, and feel great when wearing both.”

Over the course of the campaign, Wöhlk is also getting a fresh corporate image, with a
modern logo, elegant colours and rounded forms, and this year, the trade fair stall at opti is
dark grey. In future, Wöhlk contact lenses will be expanded around the Meine Linse claim. It
fits perfectly: “With this, we can accurately express what Wöhlk stands for. It is our goal to
create the perfect lens for each eye which matches individual, personal requirements” says
Stefan Haase.

A cinema advert also forms part of the campaign which was produced alongside shooting for
the theme of the campaign. The three models are assuming different roles: a businesswoman,
a tango dancer, a doctor, a diva, a baker and a biker and show how much a face can change
with or without glasses. The protagonists shine with their personal freedom and satisfaction.
This cinema advert is not just shown at the stall: optician businesses have the opportunity
to order and receive these adverts with personalised taglines, including 3 media budgets for
circulation in cinemas across the region, each amounting to 1,000 Euro.

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