Nanotechnology for the eye

by Wöhlk

Weniger Probleme durch Reduzierung der Ablagerungen
bei der EGO-Soft-Contactlinse

Schönkirchen, 31 May 2016 – Debris on contact lenses is a frequent cause of sensitivity, irritation and inflammation in the eye, and until now not even regular cleaning or frequent replacements could prevent it. The contact lens manufacturer Wöhlk has developed an innovative lens surface with a nanostructure which reduces debris to an absolute minimum. This innovative technology will initially only be available in EGO Soft products. Their contact lenses are made of special Vitafilcon B biohydrogel and the latest version will be available from 1 June 2016.

‘Recent studies have shown that lipid deposits on contact lenses in particular can damage eye health and by extension sight in the long term,’ says Lothar Haase, managing director of Wöhlk Contactlinsen GmbH in Schönkirchen, Germany. In the past, some affected contact lens wearers were able to resort to more frequent lens changes, but even daily contact lenses were often susceptible to problems with debris.

‘Our method involves not letting lipid deposits build up on the surface of the lens at all,’ explains the managing director of Wöhlk. ‘The development was first applied to the biohydrogel Vitafilcon B.’ This material, which was also developed by Wöhlk, is particularly suited to the special nanostructure of this new lens surface which almost completely prevents the build-up of foreign material on the lens and improves comfort of use.


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