About us

Heinrich Wöhlk invented the contact lens in 1946. He did not want to wear heavy glasses. Today we are still connected with his spirit. We research and develop. We hone new ideas, we improve. We work on new manufacturing processes. We invent new products: Contact lenses with gentle edge profile, contact lens materials with continuous UV protection. Today we are doing research on the contact lens of tomorrow: It will be a visual aid, a measuring instrument, a medication carrier and an electronic medium.

All contact lenses from Wöhlk are produced in our company factory in Schönkirchen near Kiel. Engineers, physicists, chemists and software developers work under one roof. For us quality is workmanship made in Germany.

We know the needs and high expectations of our customers, we will do them justice. We work closely with opticians and ophthalmologists. With them the customer will find the right contact lens from Wöhlk.