Newly developed design -

for optimal fit and
outstanding flexibility

Improved geometry

Thanks to the special properties of the lens material, the geometry of Contact Day 1 has been optimally adjusted to today’s wearing demands. The edge thickness has been reduced by 30% compared to conventional daily lenses, and the edge area also has an unusually sophisticated design for a daily lens: the double-sided, gently rounded and slightly raised edge profile ensures improved tear flushing and irritation-free gliding of the lens between the eyelid and conjunctiva. This protects the eye, reduces the risk of infection and ensures long-lasting comfort.

Outstanding variety of parameters

Contact Day 1 offers an outstanding variety of parameters – and with it, optimal fit potential. The parametric design is calculated individually taking the dioptric value into consideration, and is gently adjusted using a peripheral transitional control zone. A uniformly slim edge profile is achieved, ensuring moderate lens movement on the eye.

The 32-pack: more content, easy handling

The Contact Day 1 box contains two extra replacement lenses for two additional days – and is as handy and compact as its predecessors. Furthermore, the newly developed closing mechanism makes it easier to use: for hygienic handling of lenses and minimal skin contact, the box is especially simple to open and can be subsequently closed again with just a fingertip.

Something for everybody: three product variants

In order for Contact Day 1 to be employed across the whole spectrum of visual impairments in a targeted way, it is available in spheric, toric and multifocal product variants. The result is a flexibly employable daily lens that not only corrects purely short- or long-sightedness (spheric), but also astigmatism (toric), and, with the multifocal variant, ensures optimal visual acuity for both short and long distances.